Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Year Itch

It’s a running joke in this household that we have never stayed in one place for longer than a year. Apartment hopping is our thing, and we embrace it.
White walls suit us. 

The Zillow App and I are inseparable. 

If there was an award for packing, we would take first place. 
By a landslide.
Mind you the blue ribbon wouldn’t even be hanging on our wall because it would still be engulfed in bubble wrap, along with all the other tchotchkes that never made it out of storage from the last move.

This year we are hoping to put all that behind us. Although we will still have to contend with a number of decorating limitations--we are still renters, after all--we will make a point to live cardboard box free ( please recycle ). 
And positively bubble wrap free, aside from this little trinket (perhaps) to remind us where we’ve been.

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