Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lit Bit: Jane Austen

I have been utterly consumed by Pride and Prejudice this week,
but more to the point...
the fiancé and I dash over to the mall yesterday after work to
pick up something quick that I have been running desperately low on...

Quick Mall Trip

...out-of-the-blue he leans in close to tell me that, although he is quite hungry and doesn't by any means wish to prolong our shopping exploits, he would feel rather guilty not to mention that the new Anthropologie store I have been anxiously awaiting the November opening of (thanks for the misinformation WHN) seems to be prematurely resplendant in all of its open for business glory!

And get this...while floating over shoulder, as any better half would do for the one he loves in an all too uncomfortable so girly you can taste the glitz retail establishment, he waves this bit of lovely in my general direction and says, "I bet you wish you had this copy instead." Allow me to illustrate--the book I was carrying with me at the time vs. the book I was coveting in that moment:

Carrying vs. Coveting

My response being something along the lines of: 

Does he know me, or does he know me.

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